Saturday, 20 April 2013

Shaman Alba Maria

Alba Maria is a Shaman, spiritual teacher, psychologist, an author and the first visionary of the Terra Mirim Foundation, a well recognised and long running intentional community in Brazil, where she has been continually working and living for the last 21 years. Alba Maria has been guiding people for over 30 years in several parts of the world through journeys of self-discovery whilst passing down the teachings learnt from her Indian grandmother and ancestors.
Shaman Alba Maria walks on the path that the Mother Goddess guides her. Free from rigid thoughts, she tries to see life with eyes emptied from already existent concepts. The Mother Goddess is her guide, her greater Love. Through the night she walks in Terra Mirim's little piece of Atlantic Forest, in the afternoon wanders across the surrounding vulnerable villages in the Valley of Itamboata, visiting people, listening to the women claiming for a more dignified life, and their citizen rights. At night observing the trees, she offers them her days and prayers.

She shares with others her own internal transformation, and serves all those who are ready to dive into the depths of their inner nature and look at themselves without fear,  showing how each and everyone of us can encounter his/her real self - the divine beauty and love, that inhabits us all.
Alba Maria is dedicated to serve the Highest Will, living her life with love for nature, the Divine Mother. Her daily life is lived very intensively with the community as a form of "continuous inner awakening in practise".



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